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Werfen Limited

The Problem - Werfen Limited encountered an issue we’ve seen and resolved many times before. Most sat-nav and other online systems do not recognise the address or postcode of their newly built offices.

The Solution - Werfen urgently needed a map to help visitors find their new offices. The map needed to tie in with the Werfen brand and website and offer visitors accurate public transport information along with walking directions from a nearby hotel.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers say...

We were relocating our UK office after 37 years in the same building, with the added complication of our new address being a brand new, largely unrecognised postal code. We have frequent visitors to our site on planned training courses and product demonstration activities; being able to provide them with clear instructions on how to reach the area, the local hotels and then specifically how to find our premises is absolutely essential. A modern, professional looking map in line with our corporate branding was far more desirable than any other solution to do this. The bespoke map from Owlet Maps not only negated any Postcode issues, but also allowed us to determine the 'best' route for our clients to use in order to navigate the local congestion.

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Werfen location map

Cats Protection

The Problem - Cats Protection opened a new Homing and Information Centre in Maidstone to work in tandem with their existing Adoption Centre in Bredhurst. They soon discovered customers were struggling to find the new site particularly when setting off from their existing centre (and vice versa).

The Solution - Cats Protection needed a map to help cat-adopters and charity supporters find their way to their new Homing and Information Centre in Maidstone. The map also needed to clearly highlight the recommended route back to their existing facility. Each route needed to be clearly highlighted using the Cats Protection brand colours and logo.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers say...

Cats Protection has used Owlet Maps to produce directions to its new Homing & Information Centres. I have been impressed by Owlet Maps’ attention to detail their quick understanding of our requirements and their professional approach throughout the process. The maps themselves have been well-received and are in regular use helping prospective cat-adopters and charity supporters find their way to and between our sites.
Cats Protection